The power of the 48%


As one of the 48% I’m feeling sad, worried and disenfranchised. I believe we would be better off in the EU and my constant driver as I pounded the streets posting leaflets and talking with the ‘don’t know’s’ was that we stay connected with our European neighbours. Yet I was also conscious of all the different layers that I didn’t understand, so I sent a call to the Universe to help us ‘get it right’.

On Thursday night and Friday, I was sure the Universe had let me down. As Saturday dawns and I continue to read comments and thoughts of others, I’m beginning to wonder if there is more to this than I could ever have thought.

I grew up in post war years where the emphasis was on helping those less able to help themselves. The welfare state and the NHS were important elements of our society and the council house I grew up in was part of a growing bank of social houses.

Thankfully, I was never hungry. But I saw enough misery and distress as a child and in my years as a social worker to know that we have a responsibility to each other. And increasingly over the years I’ve seen this care disappear from the UK. And I also recognise how easy it is to forget and assume all is well, because my life is OK.

What did we actually vote for?

When talking with Leave people during the campaign it was clear that the complaints are not all down to the EU. The sense of unfairness and inequality is very real and some of it may change now we’re out, but most of it is down to the UK, not the EU.48%

So I question – is the real pain-point austerity and have people chosen the referendum as a vehicle to be heard? After all, this time, every vote really did count.

Which takes me back to my request of the Universe – is this the ‘right’ vote for our country? Has it taken something as massive as this for us to truly hear that all is not well in our land? Will the passion and upset now be strong enough to make the ordinary people stand up for what we believe to be right?

The 48% – what a metaphor!

What a metaphor we have here! I feel ignored, left out in the cold, angry. I am living in a country that’s going down a track I totally disagree with and I am helpless to change it. And Farage tells me it’s time to celebrate.

This must be how many people have felt in the UK over the past 30 years. If reports are right and those who voted Leave are the ‘have not’s’ then the worm has turned and we are ‘getting our own back’. Now we understand first hand what it feels like to be unheard and unrecognised.

So what if this is the point? Let’s assume the Leave result is showing us just how far off course we’ve gone; showing up the pain and anger that has been festering for so long. If we accept that, then we know what to do. We have a 21st century version of CND and ‘Greenham Common’ – a cause to fight for, something to feel passionate about. It’s time to care about each other again

Of course, I’m one of those dreaded Boomers, but it’s not just the olds. Chris Brosnahan is clearly on the same page – and very straightforward about it all. Thanks Chris!

Taking action together

I’ve had the good fortune to connect with a group of the 48%’s in my home town. We self selected and took action together. We worked extremely hard together, made new friends, crossed party lines and now we’re grieving together. But we’re also seeing that we contributed to something positive. Our town was one of the top Remain areas outside of London with a very high turnout and we helped make that happen.

As the hours passed we also began to think forward – what do we need to do now? Sure, we’re still upset and angry, but if that energy gets us moving again, let’s go for it.

Maybe the fact that the ‘have’s’ have been thwarted is positive. Having the basics in life sorted makes it easier to fight for ourselves and others – as long as we see the need. So – maybe – in time we will say ‘thank you Mr Farage/Mr Johnson for spurring us to action and helping us see what we needed to do next’. And maybe we can pull together and make the UK a place to be proud of again.

So find your tribe and get moving – let’s get out there and make this good.


The power of the 48%