About Judith

I’ve discovered that success in life comes from the turning points. And I’ve had many along the way – all pretty challenging and all character forming, each one lifting me to another level.

Having just gone over the rubicon to 66, my present turning point has been going on for a while. What will I make of this next stage of life? How will I make a difference in this world I’m leaving to my grandkids? How will I use the ‘fruits of my labour’ to best effect?

For 40 + years I’ve focused on developing potential – mine and others. I’ve come to believe we can turn our hands to most things – if we really want to; we’re willing to do the learning; and ready ask for help. I’ve made a point of encouraging, challenging and supporting others to make the best of their opportunities. And I’ve worked really hard to do the same myself. Now I want to pull all of that together. To condense my years of learning so you can get there faster and in good shape.

Serial Achiever from the off – I’ve been a teacher; social worker; Gestalt Psychotherapist; set up and run a Psychotherapy Training Centre; been a Management Consultant; Author; Speaker. Then most importantly – wife, mother, granny, friend. And secretly – giggler, Graham Norton fan, Abba lover, health foodie, bookworm and lover of smart new gadgets.

So finally I’m off on my next step. My first port of call is women – don’t they always say ‘start with what you know’? We have come so far, yet there is still so much more we could offer. Society and culture need to develop to allow us full rein – but then so do we. All too often we are our own worst enemy. Time to give it up now and own up to just how amazing we are!

Hope you will join me.