I love change – and hate it at the same time. Predictability bores me and the flavour goes out of life. Change, on the other hand, gets my heart pumping and I’m back on my toes. It’s all about the opportunity – anything could happen and that’s exhilarating.images

Until I actually have to challenge my own thinking. Now it stops being abstract. Now it’s personal.

This is just what happened with The Doubting Twin research. The process was really exciting at the outset. What more could I want? The chance to talk with fabulous women who are doing great things, even as they manage the inner voice that drones on, undercutting confidence. I was hooked – totally fascinated – and thoroughly alive as I listened to such inspirational stories.

Then the reality hit:

  • To make a real difference I’ll have to speak loudly about what I know…..
  • I’ll need to take on the male establishment show them what they’re missing…..
  • I’ll have to speak out on social media and tempt people to follow…..

I’ve worked with people all my life – over 30,000 hours I worked out recently – but always putting the other person first. I can speak out – I’ve done it before – but to do justice to these wonderful women I have to do it more and much louder.

At this point, I become less sure about change! Suddenly it’s uncomfortable. But I can also say with some certainty that it will be the making of me. I’ve been here before, you see, and I know that change shoves me out of my comfort zone so I have to do something different and exciting. images1

After all, if I’m don’t speak out now, when will I? And if I don’t take the risk, how will I feel about myself when I look back from a ripe old age? And in reality, what’s the worst that can happen? Not everyone will agree with me, for sure, but so what?

I don’t like scare, but I prefer it to regret any day.

So now’s the time. Now I need to get my act together; reassure my Doubting Twin that it will be OK ….and jump!

Has change become personal for you recently? How did you manage it?