Deep Dive Coaching Day

  • Need to make a shift in your life?
  • Struggling to find the way forward?
  • Ready to meet the ‘new you’?

Then now is the time to embark on a 1-1 Deep Dive with Judith, accessing her 40+ years experience of working with people on a wide range of personal and work issues.

The Deep Dive Day (DDD) is the perfect opportunity to focus on those intractable issues that seem impossible to resolve. The day will include:

Session one: In-depth conversation about the relevant issues – how they fit into your life experience to date; how they drive you/hold you back; what you want for the future.

Session two: Explore the identified challenges to clarify the drivers and blockers to next steps development. This style of this session will suit you and the challenges that need to be addressed.

Break: We will take lunch together and maybe a walk if weather permits, during which time we’ll carry on exploring and sharing experiences.

Session three: at this point we will bring all the conversation together and define a plan of action for your next stage of development.

Follow up: you will meet with Judith for an hour after one month to review your progress and agree next steps. This meeting can be face to face or via Skype.

If additional support is needed, this will be agreed jointly.

“Our Deep Dive session was really eye-opening…and long overdue! You created an environment where it felt OK to share and talk openly, even though that’s something I find really uncomfortable. I also liked that you took the time to “get to know me” at the beginning and we slowly peeled back the layers to uncover the real issues. Getting to be action-orientated at the end (I love spreadsheets!) was great – it made the process so much more manageable – I CAN do this, even the scary bits!”

“My deep dive day with Judith was a day well invested and worth the travel. What I loved about our time together is that I felt listened to, I felt my thoughts and ideas were being clarified. I shifted from uncertainty to certainty about my message. I have since been able to design my offering and create promotional materials with a great sense of clarity. The energy of the day was expertly managed with seemingly little effort in a way only a true professional could achieve. Safe environment, thorough and enriching (inclusive of the lunch provided) day.”