The Deep Dive Coaching Day

How often have you been in the thick of a coaching discussion,just beginning to understand yourself and time is up?15273619 - hourglass time clock with sand

How often have you limited yourself in order to focus on a specific goal, even though other thoughts and ideas are coming thick and fast?

And how good would it be to have time to talk all about your situation, be listened to fully and still have space to explore the underpinnings of what is really going on?

All those elements are certainly true for me – both as coach and coachee, so I set out to try a different way of working.

Let’s get time on our side.

Time to truly understand a situation – to surface challenges, as well as the underlying drivers and blockers. And still have time to take a deep dive into what this was really all about. Couple that with lunch and some space for reflection – sounded perfect to me.

So the Deep Dive Coaching Day was created.

Angela* was facing another year in a job she didn’t like. She’s really good at her work and delivers exceptionally well, but the spark and fun has gone. But it was excellent pay and an easy commute, so hard to take the risk of jumping out.

Esther* sat at a turning point in her life. Empty nest was approaching, with all the accompanying loss of identity and purpose that brings. Her job had been great as a provider, but now it was time to branch out into something that would make life feel really worthwhile and fun.32921998_s

Naomi* had her vision firmly in place. She knew exactly what floated her boat. Now she had to get her message across to the world, so she could achieve as she has the right to do.

In each case the first point of focus was work, but that’s where the similarities ended. Each person had their own strengths and challenges that helped or hindered progress and each person needed a different solution to take them forward.

It’s great fun for me to have the time to explore, challenge, support and plan without interruption. In fact, each day is special in its’ own right with plenty of fun, laughter, the occasional tear and some really good outcomes. I love those moments when I can see the penny drop:

  • Sometimes the Doubting Twin is getting in the way
  • Sometimes straight feedback on personal impact is needed
  • And sometimes, I just need to wade in and support the courage to get out there.

I go into each day not knowing where we’ll end up

Each time, I draw on my 40 years experience to address the situation in front of me – and I discover just how much I’ve learned over time. Nothing is wasted. Every piece of experience and knowledge is going to come in useful for someone. And there’s not much I haven’t seen already, which is a comfort for the person who feels out on a limb.

So I’m looking forward to many more Deep Dives in the months to come. If this sounds appealing to you, drop me a line and we’ll organise a phone call to explore whether this is an appropriate way forward for you.

*all names and personal details have been changed to maintain confidentiality

The Deep Dive Coaching Day