What My Clients Say

“I learned so much, it’s hard to quantify. I understand more about the psychology of change and decision making. I now know I have a core talent and what it is; I am much clearer how I want to look after myself and how to make decisions more objectively.”

Senior Manager, Construction

“The biggest benefit to me was finding self belief. I no longer need to suppress my talents and gifts in order to satisfy what I perceive others expect from me. Instead I do what is right for me, but of course, that means I do a better job, so everyone gains!”

Middle Manager - Banking

“Overall, I feel more focused and more normal again!”

Middle Manager, Housing

“A powerful element was discovering my core talent. Knowing where my strength lies and what I most enjoy means I can push myself to get more involved in the right areas – which is giving me better job satisfaction.”

Senior Leader, Logistics

“You are honest, brave, funny, motivating, and inspiring. Your skilled coaching has helped me to make real sustainable change.”

Marketing Director, Consulting