Personal Development

One to One Elite Coaching – an opportunity to talk in confidence about your Doubting Twin and the impact it is having on you. You’ll understand what purpose she serves in your life and develop a plan for using her energy in a positive way. This is ideal if you’re ready for your next career step, wanting to set up your own business or make a life shift.

Building Confidence Together – women are very good at collaboration, support and nurture, so working together in groups enables us to support each other in a positive way. Add in a willingness to challenge and we are ready to access the very best in ourselves. My 40 years experience of facilitation has taught me the art of creating a positive, learning environment in a short time, so we can share experiences in a safe, confidential setting.

Contribution to an existing group– if you are part of a women’s group that would like to explore the Doubting Twin and confidence levels, I would be happy to run a session designed to suit your specific needs.